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TWIG: The Whole Is Greater

At TWIG we're passionate about transforming homes to make them work better, more beautifully. Whether it’s converting, extending or refurbishing a property, you could say nest building is our speciality.

Together with our clients (the whole), and offering advice and suggestions as we go, we take pride in making your home the best it can be (greater) for you and your family. Often the tiniest details and internal solutions make all the difference. However, we’re just as happy to strictly follow a client’s instructions as we are to take the lead.

Our focus is client service, high-end finish, maximising space and making sure you get the most from the interior layouts. And if you are at the very start of your journey we are highly experienced at maximising planning potential.

There is a huge difference between a house and a desirable, beautiful, practical home. At TWIG, we not only understand what that is, but how best to achieve it.

With more than 30 years’ combined experience in refurbishing properties to bring out their fullest potential, TWIG’s founders James and Alex bring passion, project management, design and know-how together with a network of trusted property professionals (formed over many years) to deliver transformative results, stress-free and seamlessly.

Having begun their careers in the city and in the army respectively, James and Alex’s drive, discipline and ability to get the job done is second to none. Offering a comprehensive approach to project management, TWIG takes pride in delivering the very best results at every stage.

Whether it’s a kitchen extension, a full house renovation, basement or loft conversion, the promise we make to our clients is the same: conscientious attention to detail and reliable efficiency throughout.

No matter the starting point, through evolution the end result will be a better, brighter, and more beautiful house. That’s when we know we’ve built a home.

TWIG: Only the best for your nest. Every last detail considered, sourced and managed.

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